PeopleStream lets you proactively manage your whole corporation’s extended network of contacts. It connects your Rolodex® to the rest of the world to get information about the people you need to know, so that you can establish relationships that will add value to your business.

On the surface, this intuitive software feels just like a contact management system. But it gives you the power to leverage your past relationships for new and effective use today. Whether you need to open doors for sales, reference people as a hiring manager, qualify them as a venture capitalist, or locate people with a particular expertise, PeopleStream lets you maximize your own extended network: your best people, and their best people, and their best...

Your people network contains all the right people: business partners, sales prospects, hiring prospects and funding partners. Your relationships with these people and your access to them distinguish you from your competitors. But if you’re like most people, your network ultimately lives in your head. A Relationship Management system lets you gather, use and leverage that information for you and your colleagues. And unlike traditional contact management systems (such as Outlook® or an SFA application) that have a limited view of people, we structure and let you access your network the way you think: who knows whom; who might have worked with whom; who can open doors. All so you can grow your business.


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